Clinique's All about lips product

First, there is "All about Lips" by Clinique. I have had this for a while, but for some reason just don't tend to use it a lot. The claims of what it would do for your lips are pretty impressive though. Basically, "All about Lips" is a treatment for the very delicate lip area and it claims to minimize the look of fine lines. It says that it smooths skin and de-flakes lips. For this reason alone, I ought to try it more as I have not given it a fair chance quite yet. Also, it helps lipstick color glide on smoothly, and resists "feathering" of your lipstick. My take so far, is that it has not overly impressed me, but I will give it a second chance. I spent good money on it,but like I said, I just don't use it much for whatever reason. I think I get the impression it isn't doing much for my lips.