Repairwear for Lips by Clinique, Intensive Lip Treatment

My newest favorite in lip care is Clinique's Repairwear, Intensive Lip Treatment

I was very impressed with the benefits of the product, which I will share here with you. It claims its a potent lip treatment that helps repair the look of wrinkles on and around the lips. (notice the careful wording, repair the LOOK of wrinkles.. Which I appreciate that it is honest and doesn't say that it repairs the wrinkle itself) It says it boosts natural collagen production. ( I wonder how it does that, and I will research that and get back to this blog with that information.) It says that repairwear for lips, provides antioxidant protection against the environment. A definite plus.

It encourages use twice daily, and the ladies at the Clinque counter told me they keep it by their bed at night to use it. I thought that was smart to keep it where you will use it most. Its not cheap, its $25.00 for what looks like a tube of lipstick that goes on clear. If it achieves it claims though, it will be worth it.

As always, all Clinique products are allergy tested and fragrance free. (and no, I am not a Clinique representative, but I do like Clinique products among many others.) So far, this is really really nice to wear and apply.

One of the products I hope to try soon is Neosporin Lip Health. They have a day and night product just for the lips. It sounds very interesting.

(The above old picture, is of lip rouge in a bowl, a mirror, and powder. I found it very interesting)