Primordiale Lip Skin Recharge

Primordiale Lip Skin Recharge, is something new I just found also. It says it is visibly soothing and renewing lip treatment. I hope to try it also very soon and bought some. Will let you know what I think of it after I do.

Here is what Lancome has to say about it,

"Primordiale Lip Skin Recharge
Visibly Smoothing & Renewing Lip Treatment

As the aging process begins, your skin’s cellular activity slows down, resulting in rough and uneven texture, and the appearance of fine lines around the lip contours. From Lancôme, a lip
treatment to visibly smooth and renew the lips, restoring their vitality.

Visibly smooth and renew
Lancôme’s exclusive technology delivers a concentrated formula of botanically pure Vitamin E and Gatuline, a gentle exfoliant that helps reveal smooth lips. Optical diffusers immediately help minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Visible results
Lips are soothed and moisturized for a softer, smoother look.

Appearance of fine lines is reduced.

Ideal primer for lipstick application: Instantly reduces lipstick bleeding and feathering. Lipstick wears more comfortably.

Dermatologist-tested for safety.

So, it sounds really interesting, and like it would be good for your lips.

If you ever try anything you really like and would recommend, let me know too. It could be that there is some great product or even vitamins and minerals that help lips and doesn't cost all that much, etc. Maybe it will cost a lot more though too. Regardless, I think its good to take care of our skin, its the only skin we have.
(for now anyway :) )